I love the unplanned coincidences that life throws at me sometimes. Here was one.

I was up early yesterday and busted open a rack pack of 1991 Donruss. The pack was LOADED!! Okay, letโ€™s be honest. No card was worth more than 10 cents. Still, I pulled nearly every big star I could think of, including two different cards of Roger Clemens.

A cup of coffee and a little while later I had this pair of Heavy J Studios 1/1 cards.

After work I was scrolling thru my social media feed and saw someone had posted this great image of Elton John from his 1975 concert at Dodger Stadium. The wheels started spinning. Really was there anyone more made for a glitter card than Sir Elton?

I wish I could say, โ€œan hour later…โ€ but the truth is it took me a lot longer. At any rateโ€”

So yeah, here at Heavy J Studios we have you covered from Rocket ๐Ÿš€ to Rocket Man and everyone in between! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks to @JustinCousson who claimed the card for a $30 donation to the Shoeless Joe Museum.