Tonight will be a ton of fun at Dodger Stadium. Not only am I headed there with my wife and two great friends of 35+ years, but it will also be my first trip to the ballpark (beyond the gift shop) since Janet Marie Smith and her tremendous team introduced dozens if not hundreds of fabulous changes. Oh, and guess who’s pitching!

As long as I’m in the neighborhood I thought it’d be fun to do a scavenger hunt, following the lead of fellow card artist Mr Shake who debuted the format at a Mets game.

Here are the cards I’ll be bringing to the stadium and “hiding” for lucky fans to discover. Hints will be dropped on my heavyj28 Twitter account once I arrive at the ballpark.

In hindsight, with tonight also being LGBTQ Pride Night 🏳️‍🌈 I really wish I brought a Glenn Burke rather than Tommy Lasorda. Instead my plan is to improvise a few quick changes to the Tommy card before the game starts.