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Quick write-ups of featured creations and upcoming releases.

“Legends of Dodgertown” countdown

If you’ve followed this blog you know how much I’ve enjoyed the “Legends of Dodgertown” series. As a lifelong Dodger fan as well as an efdot superfan, this is a set of cards I worked on with all my heart and soul. Though there is no shortage of great Dodger moments and memories that didn’t […]

New “Legends of Dodgertown” card!

The twelfth (!) card in the HJS x efdot “Legends of Dodgertown” card has dropped, and it’s a special one. (Okay, they all are!) “Coach” pays tribute to the most beloved coach in the the team’s history, the great Jim “Junior” Gilliam, whose number 19 remains the only retired number among Dodgers not in the […]

HJS supports #Art4Alz

The brainchild of #Project1991 #CardArt legend @Jabroni32308, #Art4Alz is the biggest gathering yet of card artists raising money for a great cause. Heavy J Studios is just one of 40+ members of the card art community who have banded together to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association as part of its Longest Day campaign. The […]

Local Collab for a Cause

One day after breakfast downtown my wife noticed some art in the window that she really liked. Unbeknownst to us till right then, it turned out there were a couple art studios above the retail businesses on the block. A month later we had a painting from Heidi Becker hanging in what had long been […]

¡En Fuego!

“En Fuego” commemorates Pedro Guerrero’s record setting month of June 1985 and his sizzling summer that propelled the Dodgers to the NLCS. For me it also commemorates a friendship spanning more than 30 years and continuing to this day. My bud Abe and I met in tenth grade, and our lives pretty much revolved around […]

It’s Time for Dodger Baseball

Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be! What a pleasure to add the incomparable Vin Scully to the HJS x efdot “Legends of Dodgertown” series. And what an even greater pleasure to team up with Los Angeles artist Charles LaBonge on the card. Charles is not only one […]

The next “Legend of Dodgertown” has dropped!

The latest card in the HJS x efdot “Legends of Dodgertown” series is now available, and it features 2020 NCLS and World Series MVP Corey Seager. As with all Heavy J Studios releases, this card is a 1/1, so only one is available. To claim this card, please contact me to ensure availability. Recommended donation […]

#HJS500 Giveaway

This past week Heavy J Studios reached a couple of milestones that likely would have seemed impossible when we opened our doors (okay, took over the dining room table) only 8 months ago. We have now surpassed $12,500 in donations, which means we’re more than halfway to our original stated goal of $25K. We have […]

Collaboration with EDIZZLE STUDIOS

Eric Norton, who I’m NOT supposed to call “The Podfather,” is cranking out some fantastic card art these days, but of all his creations the one that grabbed me most was his Mic Drop series. His Mic Drop debut featured Steph Curry aka Chef Curry… …in Drake’s “0 to 100.” I am a huge fan […]

National Card Art Day

Really, it’s a thing. February 1, 2021, or 2-1-21 for short. There’s poster! (And yes, that’s me in the pink dress shirt.) There’s even a rap! And there are tons of Card Artists using the hashtag #nationalcardartday on social media. The traditions are rather new, but aside from an airing of grievances I think the […]

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