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Quick write-ups of featured creations and upcoming releases.

Card Art workshop with the DC Grays

Without a doubt, three of my very favorite things are kids, baseball cards, and art, so what a thrill it was for me to be invited by Coach Antonio Scott to run a Card Art workshop for the DC Grays RBI baseball team. Now, this also being the Summer of Josh, I decided to make […]

Dodger Stadium scavenger hunt

Tonight will be a ton of fun at Dodger Stadium. Not only am I headed there with my wife and two great friends of 35+ years, but it will also be my first trip to the ballpark (beyond the gift shop) since Janet Marie Smith and her tremendous team introduced dozens if not hundreds of […]

Summer of Josh

It’s been quite a stretch for the great Josh Gibson! Backing up to last December, MLB announced that it would regard seven different Negro Leagues as Major Leagues, counting their records and statistics just as they would the National or American League. Some early attention went to the ways Josh’s legacy might be diminished, specifically […]

Wrigley Field Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday night, May 4, fans at the Dodgers-Cubs game at Wrigley Field will not only have some (hopefully) exciting baseball to watch but also have a chance to add some Heavy J Studios baseball cards to their collections. Five different 1/1 cards–three Cubs and two Dodgers–will be stashed in and around the stadium for game […]

HJS on the “Hall of Very Good”

A favorite podcast of mine has always been the “Hall of Very Good” with Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen. Past guests have been Dale Murphy, Larry King, Janet Marie Smith, Wade Boggs, and other top shelf luminaries, so it’s a bit surreal to now add my name to the list. We cover the origin and […]

HJS Diamond King Remix

I was twelve years old when Donruss overtook Topps and Fleer in 1982 as the very temporary king of the Hobby. The crown myself and other neighborhood collectors had nothing to do with which set had the best Ripken rookie (though it probably was Donruss) or which cards would fund our retirement (all!?). Rather, it […]

New “Legends of Dodgertown” card!

The twelfth (!) card in the HJS x efdot “Legends of Dodgertown” card has dropped, and it’s a special one. (Okay, they all are!) “Coach” pays tribute to the most beloved coach in the the team’s history, the great Jim “Junior” Gilliam, whose number 19 remains the only retired number among Dodgers not in the […]

HJS supports #Art4Alz

The brainchild of #Project1991 #CardArt legend @Jabroni32308, #Art4Alz is the biggest gathering yet of card artists raising money for a great cause. Heavy J Studios is just one of 40+ members of the card art community who have banded together to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association as part of its Longest Day campaign. The […]

Local Collab for a Cause

One day after breakfast downtown my wife noticed some art in the window that she really liked. Unbeknownst to us till right then, it turned out there were a couple art studios above the retail businesses on the block. A month later we had a painting from Heidi Becker hanging in what had long been […]

¡En Fuego!

“En Fuego” commemorates Pedro Guerrero’s record setting month of June 1985 and his sizzling summer that propelled the Dodgers to the NLCS. For me it also commemorates a friendship spanning more than 30 years and continuing to this day. My bud Abe and I met in tenth grade, and our lives pretty much revolved around […]

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