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Quick write-ups of featured creations and upcoming releases.

NLBM Art Show is now LIVE!

The NLBM fundraiser kicks off today. These pieces from Heavy J Studios are available now! Prices below graphic. — Baseball cards: $30 💰 donation to NLBM.— Postcard: $40 💰 donation to NLBM— Campy collage from 1954 Dell comic book: $100 💰 donation to NLBM. Check with me for availability since also selling on Twitter and […]

Hip Hop Hooray

A month ago I pulled the trigger on an eBay lot of 150+ Josh Gibson cards, literally thinking I might turn four or five of them into Heavy J Studios cards. Boy was I wrong! They say necessity is the mother of invention but sometimes surplus is an even greater motivator. Initially I just started […]

Celebrating the Negro Leagues in style!

So this is something very cool about to happen. Nearly 100 baseball artists and makers are coming together to raise money for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum through a week-long campaign October 4-10. The website explains it all, so I’ll simply use this space to share the details on my own participation. All money from […]

As seen in Sports Collectors Daily…

Heavy J Studios is getting noticed! What a surprise for me one night on my way to bed to see this story posted online by the great Rich Mueller! Click the link below to read the entire story–

Artist chat with Blake Jamieson

Since taking the Hobby by storm with his interpretation of the McGwire RC for Topps Project 2020, Blake Jamieson’s Project 2020 drops are among the most highly anticipated of all twenty participating artists, and his nightly YouTube livestreams are a source of inspiration and encouragement for artists, collectors, and entrepreneurs alike. What a thrill and […]


If the title reads like one of those not-sure-if-it’s-personalized license plates you find yourself trying to decipher on long road trips, the answer is YES! It really does mean something! Heavy J Studios has just passed the $5000 mark in contributions (oh my God!) to great causes and organizations! I can barely believe it, but […]

Josh Gibson mega-release

Five new Josh Gibson cards have just been remixed by Heavy J Studios. In our unbiased opinion all of them are 🔥. Prices and photos are posted in our Shop but please confirm availability since all are 1/1. We are still taking custom orders this month, but definitely expect to see plenty of Josh!

Jeremy Ross profile of Heavy J Studios

What an honor to have Emmy award winning reporter Jeremy Ross of CBS Chicago interview me and put together this amazing story. And credit my son Jaden for the “live action” footage here in the dining room…I mean “Studios!”

Here comes Series Five!

You might be wondering what leads me to end one series and start another. Do I have a secret formula based on number of cards, dollar amount of donations, or astrological charting? Nope. The answer is real life. Every once in a while we end up needing our dining room for yes, it’s true, something […]

Huge milestone – $4000

It’s been an incredible month of August. We hit the $2500 mark on August 11 and crossed $3000 on August 16. Now here we are on August 28, sitting at exactly $4000 raised for great organizations and causes. Scissors, glitter paper, glue, a gigantic junk wax collection, great organizations, and generous collectors like you–that’s the […]

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