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I’ll use this page to feature the other card artists out there who I’ve traded cards with. Definitely get in touch if you’re doing some card art and want to do a trade.

Optimus Volts was a featured artist on Blake Jamieson’s Friday artist spotlight, which by the way is a great watch every week. His Sugar Skull designs remind me of my early years in L.A. and maybe even make me a little homesick.

Ryan Fors has a style I just love, so I was thrilled to see him push out his own version of Project 2020, dubbed REMIX 2020. And even better, his card selection included the Hammer! Extra props for the personalized sticker too!

If you haven’t seen the Tatis Jr refractors from All Eras Sports, prepare for your mind to be blown. With my own collecting focus more 1920 than 2020 I was super pumped to add these cards (and more!) to my collection. Jason (no relation) could be designing cards for Topps with this crazy level of talent!

The man, the myth, the legend…Ben from @card_mosaics chops junk wax into little pieces and uses them to create gorgeous mosaics of classic cards…at least when he’s not busy hustling pool, shredding on electric guitar, or breakdancing! Zoom in as much as you can on this Campy, and don’t sleep on the fan in the stands.

@JustinCousson hooked me up with TWO of his amazing cards, and they just happen to be the guys I collect the most. (Okay, so I might have mentioned it to him…) Everything he does screams personality, right down to the business card.

Dan does AMAZING work and to boot is a fellow Dodger fan. Oh man do I 💙 the Gibby he made me. And how about the cert that came with the card?

Mr Shake does a masterful job with markers to give his cards a ton of personality. He really wowed me with this one, which opens up into a booklet!

Charles has been doing his own version of the Topps Project 2020, so adding his Doc to my collection was a must. He did NOT disappoint, and the production quality of his cards is amazing.

R.P. Bailey takes mashups to new heights, combining elements from several cards of the same player into a single card composite that suggests an even bigger Junk Wax collection than my own! (And here I thought that was impossible!)

Kenneth paints directly on top loaders, creating particularly cool effects when light shines through.

@Jabroni32308 is the Jedi mastermind behind #Project1991, oft imitated but never replicated.

My bud John @phitter72, who is also supplying the inserts for my first series of Summer 2020 packs, has hooked me up with a ton of his customs. Two of my favorites are his imagined 1949 Leaf Hank Aaron and Topps Japanese card of the Hammer.

And Mike Noren (aka Gummy Arts) needs no introduction to most collectors! He traded me this set of 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates for a Rick “Big Daddy” Reuschel card I made him.

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