I’ve really enjoyed the chance to participate in the Josh Gibson MVP Card Art tournament, also known as Project #JG20MVP. My entry, a piece called “Waiting,” came in the tournament’s first week and featured a collage and original poem.

Good chance I will be making the original 1/1 card shown available at some point, but for now I am taking pre-orders on a limited run of 30 cards, professionally printed by 4over4.com.

Look closely and you’ll spot at least one difference between the original and the printed cards offered. The head on the original collage was cut from a 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes card, featuring the artwork of Dick Perez. In order to produce prints free of any licensing/copyright issues, I worked with my friend (and fellow Project #JG20MVP artist) Scott Hodges to replace the original head with one Scott created based on the same photo Dick Perez used as his source. (But don’t blame Scott for the cartoonish “G” on the hat…I added that afterward.)

The card backs will double as certificates of authenticity from the Josh Gibson Foundation and will be individually numbered to 30.

Please contact me to receive a card while supplies last. Suggested donation to Josh Gibson Foundation is $20.