Heavy J Studios

Supporting great causes one baseball card at a time!

How to Help

The best thing you can do is order a card or pack. This is what keeps Heavy J Studios going, even if our accountants are telling us the opposite. Beyond that, any publicity you can give, including sharing our site or cards on social media, will help get more eyes on what we do and raise more money for our great causes.

The one thing we do not want is your MONEY. This is a labor of love, and our promise to collectors is that literally every penny goes straight to the organizations we support. Cash donations would make that too blurry. If you have cash to spare, hit up the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum or other organizations in our links section. That’s what we’re all about here.

Finally, what we will accept are the following:

THANK YOU, @1brightman1!
  • Cards of 1980s superstars (e.g., Mattingly, Bo, Sandberg, Griffey, Gwynn, etc.). Dinged corners are just fine since we tend to cut them off anyhow, but please no creases!
  • 1982 Topps, 1984 Topps, and 1985 Topps commons. A lot of our lettering comes from these cards, and supplies are running low.
  • Gift card for JoAnn’s arts/crafts store

If you have other ideas, please get in touch with us.

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