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Shipping Info

My business model is an unusual one in this day and age. You donate to a good cause, and I mail you a card. I don’t ask for or accept any money as part of the deal.

When I first got started I played around with different ways to ship, ranging from the (sometimes) dreaded PWE to full-on bubble mailer with tracking. The first method ran me about 50 cents a card but sure made me nervous while the second method ran me $4 a card and had me hustling to the post office all the time.

I finally settled on a compromise, which is to use rigid mailers that cost 28 cents in bulk and require only 85 cents to mail. As the cards themselves are already double or triple thickness vs standard cards, and I place them in top loaders to boot, this shipping method feels like the best way to keep costs down while feeling good about cards reaching their destination undamaged.

I am 100% open to upgrading the shipping on request, but this will be the one instance where I’d ask that recipients help cover those costs.


The Management

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