After making a handful of custom cards for friends and fellow collectors I wondered if there might be a way to do more with my hobby.

Like any of you would have done, I fished through my box of superstar rookie cards, swallowed hard, and took the scissors to a 1983 Donruss Wade Boggs.

Wade Boggs RC 1/1 owned by @Mijos_Magic

A few hours later the card sold for $45 via impromptu online auction, and I was able to donate the money straight to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

This got me thinking about what other causes I might be able to support and what other cards might generate similar interest. It hit me that two of my very favorite players were both battling Parkinson’s Disease and had foundations set up to support Parkinson’s research.

This led to a special collection of Gibby and Cobra cards that I put on sale for $25 each. I’ve since added some new designs to my inventory, one of which sold right away.

Cobra 1/1 owned by @goingdeepe

I also took a special order from a Cardinals collector and turned Ozzie Smith’s 1990 Upper Deck card into a special Wizard back-flip edition.

I hope you enjoy the cards as much as I do, and I’d love to put something together for you if you get in touch.