Was Joshua Gibson the greatest hitter who ever lived? All we can say for sure is “Maybe.” Still, how many other players can you say that about?

Ever since I first heard the stories as a kid the name has held a special power over me. Less baseball player, more superhero, I picture a man capable of anything on the diamond. If Babe hit 60, why couldn’t Josh hit 80? Or even 90 for that matter!

When I made this card I was thrilled with how it turned out, so much so that I originally decided I’d make my own $25 donation to NLBM and keep the card for myself. Couldn’t I just make another? Not really since I want each card I make to be truly unique–a “1 of 1” in collector jargon.

The door remains open to a “red glitter” version, a “gold refractor,” or some other variant, but there will only be one “silver glitter” Gibson, and it won’t belong to me.

There’s a four-hour auction going on right now, and we’ll see where the card lands. The record so far is $45 for my 1983 Wade Boggs rookie. I think this one may even top it.

UPDATE: Sold to @RunningOz for $25. That takes us to $220 total since I got this whole thing going last weekend.