The good news was I ran out of Cobra cards. Good news because it means collectors were enjoying the cards and supporting the Dave Parker Foundation.

The bad news was I ran out of Cobra cards. Bad news because I definitely needed at least one more. Since starting this operation a few other collectors–@Quado61907551, @GreenRockCards, and @DaveMitchner–have been in touch. We’re hoping to join forces and make an even bigger difference by working together.

To help get that effort started, I grabbed a 1984 Donruss Dave Parker from my stack and started cutting.

When I was done I ended up with this Red Glitter on Gold Refractor Cobra 1/1, which I am sending directly to the Dave Parker Foundation as a way of letting them know some folks are out here who care and want to make a difference.

I know the Foundation runs fundraising events from time to time. If they wanted to include cards like this, maybe even signed by Dave Parker himself, in some kind of charity auction, I’m happy to create a bunch for them, obviously at no charge. I know the other guys have some ideas too, so let’s see what happens.