With Heavy J Studios rapidly approaching our one month anniversary, I thought I’d give some positive updates.

  • A few days ago we made our 100th card. If you’re doing the math, yes, that’s more than three cards a day. The pace won’t continue like this, but I’m sure I’ll be writing about our 200th card soon enough.
  • More importantly, we have passed the $1000 mark in fundraising. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum tops the leader board at $577, the Kirk Gibson Foundation is next at $256, the Dave Parker Foundation is next at $160, and donations to other organizations total $175. Overall, donations are at $1168, not including more than $200 in pending orders.
  • Finally, my bud @cardsfromattic twisted my arm, so we now have a “real” website: HeavyJStudios.com. If you’ve bookmarked the old one, the good news is it will still work just fine.

My goal overall is to raise $25,000. It sounded crazy two weeks ago when I came up with it, but it’s getting more realistic by the day.