Much of the modern Hobby’s fuel these days is flips. Buy a Project 2020 card for $19.99 from Topps one day and sell it on eBay the next day for $80. Bust a $300 box of who-knows-what today and sell the Luis Robert auto for $800 tomorrow.

Heavy J Studios is no different. Over the weekend we threw down serious dollar—okay, twelve of them to be exact—on this box of 1988 Donruss.

Did we need the cards? No. Are we building the set? No. Are there huge hits to be found? No. What there will be are a lot of 1988 Donruss cards of top stars and fan favorites, and the 1988 Donruss design is one of our favorites to work with.

The prediction might be overly ambitious, but when we look at this box we see over $1000 in donations to our favorite causes and organizations—i.e., a 100x return on investment.

If only all the boxes of junk wax I ripped back in the day proved so lucrative!