After some trial and error to get things right, I’m ready to offer Heavy J Studios 3D. Yes, technically all cards are 3D, but the more accurate name “Heavy J Studios Thick” doesn’t have that same sizzle.

So what are these things? The best way to explain it is with these videos.

HJS 3D Barry Bonds

HJS 3D Eric Davis

The 30-30 Men

I’m leading off my 3D release with the great 30-30 superstars of the 1980s and early 1990s.

The 30-30 series will feature two styles of each player, Standard and Jumbo.

  • Standard (e.g., Eric Davis video) will be about the thickness of a Topps Project 2020 card and will contain movable “HR” and “SB” glitter stock. (Any 40-40 men will also include a bonus “40.”)
  • Jumbo will be about three times the thickness of Topps Project 2020 and will include movable “HR” and “SB” cubes.

Introductory Pricing

I won’t lie, gang. These cards take a LONG time to make, so pricing is considerably higher than my standard cards.

  • Standard – $50 membership or donation to Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum (August 2020). Membership includes tee shirt and member pin.
  • Jumbo – $100 membership or donation to Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum (August 2020). Membership includes tee shirt, member pin, and baseball cap.

Please confirm availability before making donation. I’ll try to keep the list below current, but it’s best to check in with me personally.

Available Players

At the moment the following players are available. Note that each card will be 1/1, meaning there will only be two HJS 3D 30-30 cards per player, one Standard and one Jumbo. Honorary 30-30 men (30 HR, 30 SB in different seasons), shown with an asterisk, will also be included as bonus players in the series.

Barry BondsAvailableAvailable
Eric DavisAvailableAvailable
Jose CansecoAvailableAvailable
Joe CarterAvailableAvailable
Darryl StrawberryAvailableAvailable
Dale MurphyAvailableAvailable
Ron GantAvailableAvailable
Howard JohnsonAvailableAvailable
Andre Dawson*SOLD OUTAvailable
Ryne Sandberg*SOLD OUTAvailable

If you’re favorite player isn’t one of the speed-power dual threats of the 1980s, get in touch and I may still be able to take care of you.