If the title reads like one of those not-sure-if-it’s-personalized license plates you find yourself trying to decipher on long road trips, the answer is YES! It really does mean something!

Heavy J Studios has just passed the $5000 mark in contributions (oh my God!) to great causes and organizations! I can barely believe it, but that’s why our public registry keeps track of such things.

The collector who took us past the threshold was none other than Hobby legend Joey Shiver better known as Dub Mentality. There are so many reasons it means a lot to have his support.

  • Like me, he is doing his best to make Junk Wax great again. Through his Hobby publication articles, podcast, and social media posts he reminds collectors that there’s more to value than price guides and eBay comps. If a card brings back special memories, it’s valuable. Period.
  • He picked up the card, a 1989 Topps Will Clark remix, to give to a fellow collector, which is all in the spirit of what HJS is about: generosity and giving.
  • And okay fine, I do have an ego, so YES, it means a ton that Dub Mentality even knows who I am and what I do!

As I always do, I’m providing a breakdown of the $5K+. It’s awesome to see Josh Gibson Foundation move up the list since they are my featured org for the month.

  • $1625 – Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Museum
  • $1086 – Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • $790 – Josh Gibson Foundation
  • $558 – Dave Parker Foundation
  • $381 – Kirk Gibson Foundation
  • $274 – Lauren Taylor medical benefit
  • $159 – Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • $290 – All other organizations

And with that, we’ll see you at HJS10KOMG!