The Clayton Kershaw and Kirk Gibson cards have already been claimed, but three other HJS x efdot “Legends of Dodgertown” cards are now available for purchase on eBay or here through the Heavy J Studios website.

This is a set I poured my heart and soul into as the cards reflect 40 years of my most treasured memories.

Each card features a Dodger legend set against the canvas of an authentic Dodger Stadium “Iconic Stadium Series” card created for Topps by efdot.

Your entire purchase price (less eBay fees) will go to STOKED, an organization that supports underserved youth thru art education, skateboarding, and other cool stuff.


HJS prices are listed below. EBay prices are higher to account for eBay fees.

  • “The Impossible” (Kirk Gibson) – CLAIMED .
  • “Zeroes” (Orel Hershiser) – $125 donation to STOKED.
  • “Champion” (Clayton Kershaw) – CLAIMED!
  • “Fernandomania” (Fernando Valenzuela) – $150 donation to STOKED.
  • “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball” (Vin Scully) – CLAIMED!
  • ”Left Arm of God” (Sandy Koufax) – CLAIMED!
  • “Rocket Man” (Sir Elton John) – CLAIMED!
  • Donor’s choice (Bellinger, Betts, J.T., Garvey, Mota, or other Dodger great) – $150 donation to STOKED.
Koufax companion card

Hurry before I buy these for myself! 💙 🏃‍♂️