One day after breakfast downtown my wife noticed some art in the window that she really liked. Unbeknownst to us till right then, it turned out there were a couple art studios above the retail businesses on the block.

A month later we had a painting from Heidi Becker hanging in what had long been an annoyingly blank space on our living room wall.

Later on I was working on some Justin Turner card art and just for fun photographed my J.T. cut-out in front of our painting. After posting to social media, Heidi offered to save me some of her scraps for future cards. No doubt this was a much better alternative to cutting up my wife’s favorite painting! 🤣

Scraps in hand, I’m now working on some very cool cards, and the money raised will help victims of domestic violence through the Constance Morris House, now part of a larger agency called Pillars.

It’s a thrill to kick off my Series 11 with these cards, all featuring Heidi’s hand-painted backgrounds.

  • Roberto Clemente – $35 donation to Pillars
  • Amanda Gorman – $35 donation to Pillars
  • Eric Davis – $30 donation to Pillars

Look for more to come this month, and as always I’m open to requests.