The 1985 Donruss box bottom Dwight Gooden has always been one of my favorite cards. When I was buying packs in high school the card shop owner would give the box as a reward to whoever bought the last packs in it. I did my best to make sure it was me as often as possible.

At the time, this box bottom Gooden was one of only a handful of Doc cards I knew about. Today I have nearly 700 different Gooden cards from his playing career, and this card still remains one of my very favorites. Check that, it is my favorite!

I wanted to do more than just upgrade the border. Two other additions I made were the “Rated Rookie” logo from a different player and the glitter added to the baseball in mid-air. This was a time in young Doc’s career where everything he touched turned to gold. I originally made the ball gold to reflect Doc as Midas, but ultimately I decided silver looked better.

There’s a good chance that I keep this card for my own PC. However, I can see doing a variation with a gold baseball or of course different borders. Let me know if that would interest you. The only catch is that you might have to supply the card. I think this was my only double.