Mostly what’s on deck is what collectors contact me to create. Still, I’ve got at least an informal queue of ideas I hope to get through before closing out Series 2.

  • I just picked up an extra set of 1983 Donruss “Hall of Fame Heroes,” which opens the door to Jackie, Satchel, Aaron, and so many others.
  • From that same set I will also be working from an autographed card of one of the set’s biggest stars.
  • I have some ideas for Reggie Jackson, a bit along the line of my recent Gary Carter, which was more packaging than card.
  • I have an Eck to make for a hobby bud. Hopefully he won’t mind if the card includes a guest star. But no, not…
  • Gibby! My inventory is down to just one card, and I like to have at least a few available since his Foundation is one of the causes I’m supporting here.

Am always interested to hear your ideas too!