Saturday was Topps National Baseball Card Day, so I took a detour to my Hobby shop on the way home from some other errands. I thought I was just heading in for one free card, but you know how these things go…

So yeah, I’m now the proud owner of the entire Topps NBCD set!

Paving the way for this bounty was the box of 2020 Topps Big League I purchased. This isn’t a product where the serious hits happen but in my heart I’m still much more of the 15-cards-for-30-cents type of collector, so THANK YOU Topps for still offering packs like these.

Here in Chicago, maybe everywhere, it’s all about Luis Robert, and I was lucky enough to get his base plus his orange parallel.

And of course, thanks to the Mike Trout card, I was able to raise another $30 for the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum thanks to a donation from @_ironhorse4.