When I was a high school kid opening Topps packs in 1985 there were two cards I wanted most.

Because almost all I did in 1985 was think about Dwight Gooden cards, it was only natural that I spent many hours pondering how cool it would have been if the Record Breaker shot had been used on the rookie card.

The job was more complicated than just plunking parts from the RC onto the RB. Sizes were too much of a mismatch for that to work. Fortunately I had an oversized Mets logo from a stack of 1989 Fleer stickers and the fit was just about perfect.

My first go at the card took Doc’s nameplate directly from the RB card.

I liked it but I didn’t love it. A few of my online buds voted for a change that I think had a huge payoff. So here it is: What if the RC used the RB pic? Oh, and also used a ton of glitter! 🤣