I woke up yesterday realizing Heavy J Studios was only $63 short of raising $2500. In its own right $2500 is a huge number, but it also represents something else.

When I started putting these cards out there, I had an ultimate goal of raising $25,000 for my (unofficial) partner organizations. There it was then. The 10% mark was just a stone throw away.

Speaking of “mark” one of my best card buds @markhoyle4 got us inches away with two more Red Sox cards for his world-class collection, occasionally dubbed Taj Ma’Hoyle!

One more card! That’s all it would take to hit $2500. Just one more card! But that’s not at all what happened! Instead, Cobra fan @JessieODell14 claimed the entire (super awesome, I might add!) Cobra Career Retrospective!

It’s rare for me, but I was literally speechless. I still am when I think about it.

So here we are, the current totals by organization—

  • $1017 – Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • $480 – Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum
  • $381 – Kirk Gibson Foundation
  • $375 – Dave Parker Foundation
  • $159 – Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • $250 – Other organizations

Will check in again when we hit the next milestone!