A documentary on my pandemic Netflix queue was “The Battered Bastards of Baseball,” the story of Bing Russell and the Portland Mavericks. This was a great, great film!

In the small world of baseball Twitter I’d already come to know one of the stars of the film, Rob Nelson, who during his tenure with the Mavs managed to invent Big League Chew.

After watching the documentary I put a couple cards in the mail for Rob, a mini-rainbow of Satchel Paige for him and his daughter Paige. (Yes, Paige!)

Well one day I got home to find two large boxes on my front porch. 😱 At my age a lifetime’s supply of Big League Chew…or when I was a kid maybe a week’s supply!

Now being the kind of guy who hates throwing things away, especially if they have pictures of baseball players, I couldn’t resist finally trying my hand at a card from my favorite set ever.

So here it is: a HJS-205 Gold Border card of Swingin’ Sour Apple! 🍏