Some of you know I received four boxes in the mail yesterday from a friend in California. The boxes contained her late brother’s sports cards and memorabilia collection.

Some collectors might have dismissed a 500 count box of “junk wax” superstars, but not me. These cards are the fuel the glitter empire runs on–that and the generosity of the HJS Collectors Club.

As someone who took a break from cards around 1991 it was fun to see cards I’d never seen before, even as they may be commonplace to other collectors. The “Fear the Mullet” Mark McGwire was one such card. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to make a card from it.

The other new card today is from a box of Topps Big League I opened a couple weeks ago. When I opened the pack Mookie was off to a slow start. Well that changed fast!

While they last each card is available for a $30 donation to the Shoeless Joe Museum.