You might be wondering what leads me to end one series and start another. Do I have a secret formula based on number of cards, dollar amount of donations, or astrological charting? Nope. The answer is real life. Every once in a while we end up needing our dining room for yes, it’s true, something non-card related, and the Studios go back to looking like this.

These breaks are not only important for “real life” reasons, but I think they’re also important for creative reasons. After taking a few nights off I find that I return to the table…I mean Studios…with a ton of new ideas, not to mention a lot of excitement to be back. That’s good for the soul and good for the work.

So what’s on tap for Series Five, which should get underway tomorrow night?

Artist collaborations

More 30-30 club

My son created some cool “HR” and “SB” logos that I’ve been using to embellish cards of baseball’s 30-30 men.

Originally I expected to use the logos only as free-floating charms in my 3D series. However, I really like the look even on a standard 2D card.


I am hoping to use the month of September to generate donations to the Josh Gibson Foundation. Naturally, just about any card I make will be available for such a donation. Still, actual Josh Gibson cards feel very appropriate here.

My current inventory of doubles is limited to 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes, but I have some other cards of his on order right now. (Oh, and P.S., I have something very cool planned with Atlanta-based artist Scott Hodges. Hopefully we can share the news shortly.)

And of course…

Most of the cards I do are in response to special requests I get, either by email or through social media. Definitely let me know if there’s a card I can make for you. All players and all sports are available, as long as it’s a 1980s baseball superstar!

Okay, some exceptions apply.