If you’re new to Heavy J Studios, I’ll start by saying that the money from all our cards goes straight to organizations doing great work in their communities or the baseball world at large. The latest addition to our list is the Buck Leonard Association for Sports and Human Enrichment.

Based in North Carolina, here is a brief write-up of the Association from their website–

Established in 1999, Buck Leonard Assoc. For Sports & Human Enrichment is a community based organization that holds civic duty and service in high regard. We believe that every resident plays a vital role in the health and well-being of  children of our community and city.

Our goal and mission, since inception, is to offer sports and personal enrichment services to children of low wealth families while assisting families to gain access to the diverse family service resources needed for children’s positive outcomes.

With a small all volunteer staff and a core group of volunteers, we have managed to build a number of partnerships with local businesses and organizations from around the area. It is our partnerships that have allowed us to create and provide baseball and other enrichment services to children for over fifteen years.

As part of my welcome to the Buck Leonard Association, I’m offering $5 off any custom commissions thru January 31 if you add the keyword “BUCK” to your order. I’ve also ordered some Buck Leonard baseball cards so I can make some HJS 1/1 cards of Buck for my shop.