One of my favorite artists is Brooklyn-based muralist efdot, who became well known to many card collectors as one of the most popular Topps Project 2020 artists. As an added bonus for collectors, just as Project 2020 was winding down and efdot withdrawal was imminent, word came that Topps and efdot were partnering on a “Stadium Series” that would include Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, Shea Stadium, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, and (hopefully) more in the future.

As soon as I saw the Dodger Stadium card, I wondered if it might be the perfect Card Art canvas for showcasing some of the greatest moments and memories in Los Angeles Dodgers history. There was something so timeless and smooth about the vibe efdot had created that it seemed like the single backdrop could fit right in with just about any Dodger highlight from 1962 to the present.

After ordering my five-pack (all Dodger Stadium!) I checked in with efdot to see if he’d be open to my giving these cards the Heavy J Studios treatment to raise money for a great cause. He agreed and then suggested the money go to STOKED, which improves the lives of underserved youth through art, skateboarding, and other cool stuff.

With that, I got out the scissors, glitter paper, and glue and got to work.

“The Impossible”

As a lifelong Dodger fan, the results absolutely blew me away.


And how good did this one feel, Dodger fans!


Here’s one that takes me back to my roots.


And here’s the “Left Arm of God,” featuring the magical 1965 season when Koufax pitched his perfect game (and fourth no-hitter!) and won World Series MVP honors with Game 5 and Game 7 shutouts.

“Left Arm of God”

And if sports isn’t your thing (!) the series still has you covered.

“Rocket Man”

A special card of Vin Scully is also in progress.

And finally, you can choose your own player and memory using the “Donor’s Choice” option below.


The price list for these cards is as follows. Please check with me first to ensure availability since all cards are 1/1.

  • “The Impossible” (Kirk Gibson) – CLAIMED!
  • “Zeroes” (Orel Hershiser) – $125 donation to STOKED.
  • “Champion” (Clayton Kershaw) – CLAIMED!
  • “Fernandomania” (Fernando Valenzuela) pre-order – $150 donation to STOKED.
  • “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball” (Vin Scully) – CLAIMED!
  • “Rocket Man” (Elton John) – CLAIMED!
  • ”Left Arm of God” (Sandy Koufax) – CLAIMED!
  • Donor’s choice (Betts, J.T., Garvey, Mota, or other Dodger great not already in series) – $150 donation to STOKED.

Cards are encased in Ultra Pro “One Touch” holders and will ship in bubble mailers with tracking. Player images are from original baseball cards in the artist’s collection or in special cases from collaborations with other card artists.