Those are words I never expected to type in 2020, so thank you to the entire Heavy J Studios Collectors Club and hype squad (Jeremy Ross, Ryan Fagan, Blake Jamieson, efdot, Tony Bianchini, Matt Castello, …) for making this a reality. Special thanks as well to John and Kenneth, who donated special bonus cards to the cause and Steve, Sean, Gerald, Dan, and so many others who sent big stacks of the cards I’ve been able to turn into Card Art.

As of December 31 at 9 AM, the total amount raised is an even $10,300, with what looks to be another $200 worth of commissions in my inbox.

Definitely not a competition but here is the “Leaderboard” for these donations.

  • $3533 – Josh Gibson Foundation
  • $1625 – Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum
  • $1366 – Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • $1065 – Dave Parker Foundation
  • $689 – Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • $591 – Kirk Gibson Foundation
  • $270 – Buck Leonard Association
  • $1431 – various others

In addition to raising money for these great organizations, I like to think Heavy J Studios also did its part to help bring Junk Wax back to prominence in the Hobby. After all, how overproduced can that 1988 Donruss Don Mattingly be if it’s a 1/1? And if there was ever a year to turn back the clock and relive the 1980s, I’d say 2020 was just the year!

If you haven’t yet joined the Heavy J Studios Collectors Club, there are three main ways to attain this Hobby rock star status–

  • Head to the shop and pick something out!
  • Head to Blake Jamieson’s Card Art site for some special edition HJS cards, including my Josh Gibson x Hip Hop series, unavailable anywhere else!
  • Contact me for a custom request.

Thanks again to all of you, and let’s see what we can do together in 2021!