Eric Norton, who I’m NOT supposed to call “The Podfather,” is cranking out some fantastic card art these days, but of all his creations the one that grabbed me most was his Mic Drop series.

His Mic Drop debut featured Steph Curry aka Chef Curry…

…in Drake’s “0 to 100.”

I am a huge fan of the concept, even if most of my Hip Hop knowledge is a bit dated. Still, Eric was way down with going “old school” and designed a Grandmama Larry Johnson front for me to put my touches on.

Grandmama was of course one of many personalities Shaquille O’Neal “gigged on” as part of the tenth track, “Giggin’ on ‘Em” feat. Phife Dawg, on his Shaq Diesel album.

I am grateful to Eric for coming up with this fresh direction in Card Art and for letting me team up on a card that brought me way back to my first year in Eugene, studying math, shooting hoops, and jotting down the occasional rhyme.